M A I N M U S I C C O N T A C T    

S V E N Z Z O N .. of .. T i T A N

Jonne Malmborg aka. svenzzon is originally a chipset style composer from who
started his work in the middle 1990's. He began in Phrozen Crew and later on
released music for the famous Superior Art Creations. His chiptunes can be
found in many cracktros, installers and keygenerators released in the cracking
scene. He is now active in the demogroup TiTAN since 2005.

His music can be also be found in various games and applications like Ghostbusters
(Sony/Atari, Playstation3). MilkyTracker and the INSTEAD game engine.

Today he is producing music using DAW's like Cubase, Propellerheads Reason
and Cockos Reaper with tons of commercial VSTs, but occasionally also produces
music for the Commodore 64 and other platforms.

In April, 2014 TiTAN released Dynablaster Revenge, the game includes two theme songs
by svenzzon. Download it here: POUET LINK.